Kristina Myers

  Writer / Photographer.

These pieces represent the magic I have found in arduous periods of growth. There is healing power in a heartfelt split-second, but how easily can it all pass by without even a glance in such a busy, heavy world? This contrast makes each memory I bear before you feel deeply sacred to me. Each, a reminder of why we persevere through the heartbreak, cruelty, and obstacles our paths so often intersect. 


I have found more solace, warmth, and sense of “home” between trees, rivers, and heartbeats than inside of any four walls. The natural world is perhaps the one place we all belong, undeniably. This exhibit wishes to deconstruct the walls humanity has built to inhibit accessibility to this important part of the human experience. 


Each moment here has felt like a deep inhale, wishing to offer a glimmer of reprieve nestled between unimaginable tragedies,  both individual and collective. Each of these moments found grace, calm, and unfiltered joy in the places we may notice least. A photo exists as a timeless appreciation of “now,” exactly as it is. A photo is a sun-scattered epiphany. 


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Kristina Myers is 25 years old, currently residing in Akron, Ohio. She was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, where you’ll find a forgotten amusement park, heavy opinions, and expansive farmland. Her perspective has been weaved from a deep appreciation for nature and an even deeper questioning of what lies at the core of human nature. She holds a Bachelor’s of Integrated Studies from Kent State University, with focuses in Sociology, Psychology, and Communications. She plans to continue her education in nature therapy and behavioral health, with a particular focus on the integration of natural resources and healing practices across socioeconomic barriers. And, of course, she’ll bring her camera along to capture and share it all, too. 



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